Getting Started

Let's work together to encourage people to buckle up every time, every trip, no matter the distance.

Campaign Highlights

2 Seconds 2 Click Campaign Material

Before the Campaign


Designate project
management team

Designate a project management team to include members of management from across the organization and a support person responsible for printing/copying materials. The management team should also be responsible for updating the central posting area throughout the campaign. The management team should lead by example and not only participate in all weekly activities including postings and actively encourage employees to participate as well. Management should also always buckle their safety belt.


Select a
4-week period

Designate a 4-week period where management staff will have the time and resources available to them to carry out this project. This should not conflict with other programs or events held within the organization, since competing messages may dilute the program message and its effectiveness. The NHTSA National Click it or Ticket Campaign is held during the months of May and June. Consider scheduling your campaign during these months to take advantage of the increased exposure of the national media campaigns.


Decide about optional
Campaign Evaluation

Additional options include steps to evaluate your campaign to identify the impact of your campaign to increase belt use among employees. Decide if this is something your organization would like to pursue. Review the components of the pre evaluation and post evaluation campaigns and discuss with management staff whether your organization will have the time and personnel to carry out these tasks. Resources included for both the pre and post evaluations for this project are posted on the Measure Effectiveness page.

You may decide to conduct an optional pre/post evaluation to measure the effectiveness of your campaign.

The step-by-step Engagement Plan describes all the elements of the campaign and the materials to be used during each week of the 2 Seconds 2 Click Campaign.  This should be used as a guide to plan your campaign and a reference to carry out weekly activities.

Weekly Calendar

Week 1

Kick Off
Commit to Click

Week 2

Myths and Facts
Driving Inspiration

Week 3

Seat Belt Selfies
Social Media

Week 4

What Would You Say?

Optional Campaign Evaluation

If you choose to measure the effectiveness of the campaign

This optional component includes awareness surveys and seat belt observations that will take place both before and after the campaign.

Pre-Campaign (Optional)

Staff from the Project Management Team will conduct direct observations of employee belt use and distribute a seat belt attitudinal survey to employees. Instructions to conduct employee belt use observations and how to distribute the Seat Belt Use Attitudinal Survey are included in the Pre-Campaign Materials Package

Post-Campaign (Optional)

Staff from the project management team will repeat the observations of employee belt use and redistribute the Seat Belt Usage Attitudinal Survey. Instructional materials are included in the Post-Campaign Materials Package

Community Involvement

The 2seconds campaign can be used as a stand-alone program within your organization, but also has application on a community-wide basis. A community-based program engages leadership within the community to promote and support your campaign. A successful community-wide campaign would require the involvement of:
  • The Mayor and other elected officials
  • Law enforcement
  • Large employers willing to engage other employers
  • The media
community involvement with police, politicians and medical professionals