Campaign Materials

Campaign materials can be found listed below the corresponding week to be used during the campaign.

Engagement Plan

The 2 Seconds 2 Click Employee Engagement Plan walks you through the 4-week campaign and provides thumbnails of the material contained in the toolkit. This plan contains campaign highlights and step-by-step instructions for each week, including how to distribute the documents provided as well as instructions for the optional evaluation component. Optional measure effectiveness evaluation steps are outlined for those electing to identify the effectiveness and outcomes of your campaign. This plan is to be used as a guide and a reference throughout the entire campaign.

4-Week Campaign

Campaign materials can be found listed below the corresponding week to be used during the campaign.

The key to a successful seat belt-usage improvement campaign is to provide visible support from management at all levels. Whether you gather employees as one large group or in smaller groups, the interactive Kick Off presentation can help you launch your campaign with enthusiasm.

To kick off your campaign, use the Week 1 Employee Engagement Tool Kit which includes:

Program Management Presentation Review:
Initially assemble your project management team to review the Interactive PowerPoint Presentation prior to giving the presentation to your employees. Designate who will give the presentation. The entire presentation may be conducted by one member or broken into sections for each member of the management staff to present. Review the Week 1 materials and schedule the employee presentation. If your company has a seat belt policy, discuss the policy. If you do not have a seat belt policy, consider implementing one. The Sample Seat Belt Policy can be used as a template to draft a seat belt policy for your organization.

Presentation to Employees:
Distribute the Seat Belt Myths and Facts Sheet to employees at the beginning of the presentation to facilitate discussion throughout the presentation. At the end of the presentation, if your company has a seat belt policy, discuss the policy with your employees. Distribute the “Commit to click” Pledge Cards to employees at the conclusion of the presentation. Program Management Staff should post their “Commit to Click” Pledge Cards to a central bulletin board and ask employees to post their “Commit to Click” Pledge Cards as well.

Publicize/re-issue the organization’s seat belt policy if it has one, even if it only relates to company drivers or those driving for work. Posters and Table Tents should be displayed throughout the workplace. Program Management Staff should explain the activity cards to employees using the “Driving Inspiration Card Instructions and Sample” then distribute the activity cards to employees. This activity highlights that not wearing your seat belt affects people other than just you. Program Management staff should post their driving inspiration cards to the central bulletin board and encourage employees to post their driving inspiration cards.

Express to employees that buckling up every time reduces the risk of injury to themselves and others in crash, and that they should encourage their family members to do so as well.

At the beginning of the week, provide an electronic bulletin board where seat belt selfies can be posted. Encourage employees to take a “Seat Belt Selfie” to show their support and have some fun. Photos can be emailed to a designated team member for printing and posting to a central area. Emphasize that any photos should be taken in the driveway or parking lot prior to starting the vehicle.

Selfies should not be taken while driving!!!

This is a great opportunity for employees and leadership to show their support by posting their “Seat Belt Selfies” to the bulletin board and social media for others to recognize. Recognize employees that post their selfies to the company’s social media sites and bulletin board. This can also be an opportunity to showcase your company’s support for keeping their employees and the community safe through local media outlets.

Distribute the “What would you say?” exercise and post responses on a central bulletin board and around the building. Program Management Staff should wrap up the campaign on the last day by congratulating employees and holding a “recognition” ceremony. This ceremony should further bolster support to encourage employees to continue to buckle up every time they get into a vehicle.

This campaign can be repeated as desired.